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Our name, Code World, No Blanket, is a play on the phrase Cole world, no blanket coined by rapper J. Cole to decsribe the coldness and pervasiveness of problems in life. We believe this concept also applies to software engineering: Software is plays an extensive role in our lives as society becomes increasingly dependent upon technology (Code World); however, despite the growing prevalence of programmed applications, software engineers frequently face problems in their work preventing the adoption of useful behaviors, decreasing productivity, and leading to bad decisions (No Blanket). Thus, in our work we aim to characterize these problems and produce solutions to support developers, thus enhancing user experiences and increasing the quality of software we use in our daily lives.

We are committed to being a diverse, inclusive, and collaborative team of researchers working together to explore ways to improve the behavior, productivity, and decision-making of software engineers using interdisciplinary research, automated tools, and empirical studies. For more information about our research goals, please visit our research page. Additionally, feel free to join our weekly reading group open to students or anyone interested in reading about and discussing trending topics in software engineering (details below).

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