News and Activites


  Distinguished Paper Award! June 2022

Our ESEC/FSE 2022 paper Asynchronous Technical Interviews: Reducing the Effect of Supervised Think-Aloud on Communication Ability was nominated for a Distinguished Paper Award!  🚀

  Strange LoopSeptember 2022

Dr. Brown gave a talk at the It Will Never Work in Theory session at the Strange Loop 2022 conference!

  SE Participants August 2022

We officially released SE Participants, an online platform to encourage developers to participate in software engineering research studies! Check it out at and we would greatly appreciate any feedback here.

  Publication Alert! June 2022

Our paper Asynchronous Technical Interviews: Reducing the Effect of Supervised Think-Aloud on Communication Ability was accepted to the Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering (ESEC/FSE 2022) conference! This paper was a collaboration with NC State and IBM.

  New Horizon Graduate Scholar July 2022

MS student Brian Bell is named a New Horizon Graduate Scholar at Virginia Tech!

  Summer BreakMay 2022

Final lab get-together before the summer! Students are off to internships at companies such as Amazon, IBM, Lutron, Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, TORC Robotics, and more!   🚀

  Graduation May 2022

Congrats to Brian Bell*, Lucas Franke*, and Peiqing Guo on completing their undergraduate degress in CS at Virginia Tech!
* Continuing in the accelerated MS program

  End of Year CelebrationMay 2022

Final lab get together before the end of the semester!

  VTURCS Spring Research SymposiumApril 2022

Second-year student Grace Govan presents her poster entitled Gaps in Software Engineering Education at the Virginia Tech Undergraduate Research in Computer Science Spring Symposium  

  Spring BreakMarch 2022

Research group outing to The Milk Parlour in downtown Blacksburg  

  Publication Alert! January 2022

Our paper Nudging Developers to Participate in SE Research was accepted to the Recruiting Participants for Empirical Software Engineering (ROPES 2022) workshop!


  New Research Team MembersDecember 2021

We have officially welcomed the first group of students to join the research team! Looking forward to working with Masters students Sean Gruber, Nivi Palvannan, and Nisha Radhakrishnan as well as undergraduate student Grace Govan on various software engineering research projects. Check out more information here.

  First Reading Group MeetingSeptember 10, 2021

We held our first ever reading group meeting for students interested in joining the research group! These meetings will continue in a hybrid format throughout the semester on Tuesdays at 1pm. Details can be found here.

  Graduate Student Recruitment EventsSeptember 2021

I'm very excited to start begin working on research with Virginia Tech students! In case you missed them, here are the slides for two VT Graduate Student Seminar events that Dr. Brown presented at to introduce myself as a new faculty member and to provide a research overview and describe potential projects for students with the research group.
- Meet the Faculty (9/3)
- Graduate Student Seminar (9/10)

  Hello World!August 10, 2021

The Code World, No Blanket software engineering research group is established at Virginia Tech!